Artists in Mexico City Dissect the Future

“A great science fiction detective story” – Ian Watson, author of The Universal Machine
Luck and Death at the Edge of the World

Election Countdown: 215 days

Art was one of the first things that drew me to Mexico, long before I ever visited the country. Ultra Baroque: Aspects of Post Latin American Art was an exhibition curated by the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego that, fortunately for me, made it to the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto when I was living there in 2002. The catalogue is profusely illustrated and contains well written essays — I have gone back to mine again and again.

The show included Mexican artists like Miguel Calderón.

Miguel Calderón, Evolution of Man (1995)

Miguel Calderón, Evolution of Man (1995)

It also featured artists from the hyphenated world of the Mexican diaspora, like Mexican-Italian-American artist Franco Mondini-Ruiz (don’t miss the article Prodigal Son on Emvergeoning about his transition from lawyer to bad boy artist).

A Mondini-Ruiz sculpture for sale at an performance he titled

Now a prominent gallery in Mexico City with a reputation for discovering new Latin American talent, the Galería OMR, is reported to have just mounted an exhibition called The Space Between Now and Then exploring man’s relationship with time, including the past, the present, and — most relevant to our concerns on this web site — the future.

The roster of artists is international, including the collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus (founded by Brazilian-born New York-based artist Eli Sudbrack), José Arnaud-Bello (Mexico), and Aldo Chaparro (from Peru, now working in Mexico).

From Selected Works, Part I (Velvet Underground reference)

From Aldo Chaparro, Selected Works, Part I (presumed Velvet Underground reference)

From Selected Works, Part I (presumed Iggy Pop reference)

From Selected Works, Part I (presumed Iggy Pop reference)

So if you’re in the DF between November 23, 2011 and February 18, 2012, get to OMR and see the art of time and the future of art.

The show was curated by Natalie Kovacs and Cristobal Riestra.  The full list of artists is below.  Where there is a link available, I have first used the artist’s own home page, failing which I have used a page about their work that seemed interesting.  If all else failed I have gone to Wikipedia (which is last not because it’s bad, but because you can go there as easily as I can).

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