Mexican Science Fiction, Part II: Death Comes Calling One Last Time

“A great science fiction detective story” – Ian Watson, author of The Universal Machine
Luck and Death at the Edge of the World

Days until the election: 150

This site deals not only in the future of Mexico as a reality that we can witness unfolding around us, or one that is concretely planned for, but also as a place that exists in our imaginations in film, novels, paintings, and other forms of art (not to mention the interzone where the real future intersects with the imaginary one).  This post announces a voyage into the latter — the Future Mexico of science fiction cinema.

I previously wrote about this genre in Mexican Science Fiction, Part I: The Double Identity of the Movie 2033.  While 2033 provided a lot of very good food for thought (not always on purpose), it wasn’t a terribly satisfying film to watch.

Ever the optimist, I’m hoping for better from a couple of other films.  Based on several reports I’m looking forward The Sleep Dealer while trying not to prejudge it.  It will probably be the subject of my next full film review.

In the meantime, though, a new film has been released in Mexico and is due for a limited release in the United States.  This is La Última Muerte (The Last Death in the English-language release), a futuristic film with a medical bent directed by David Ruiz.

Still from La Última Muerte

Still from La Última Muerte

As regulars to this site will know, despite my interest in Mexico I don’t speak Spanish.  I’m a native English speaker and at the moment have my hands full trying to learn Portuguese.

That being the case, I’m going to rely for a story synopsis on someone who does speak Spanish and who has looked into some of the press on this movie, the awesome Sophia Flores over at SciFi Latino, which is where I first found out about the movie.

La Última Muerte is set in the near future. The story begins when a young man, ‘Christian’ (Kuno Becker), is found injured in the woods by Dr. Jaime Alexanderson (Álvaro Guerrero). Christian has amnesia and apparently has been the subject of experimentation, possibly having to do with cloning. Once at the hospital, Christian fails to register in the global identity database. This raises a huge red flag with the authorities and Christian becomes persecuted by the feds, with Dr. Alexanderson helping him out.

Star of the movie Becker reportedly lost 20 pounds, shaved his head and eyebrows, and endured uncomfortable colored contacts that covered the white of his eyes for the role.

Still from La Última Muerte

Still from La Última Muerte

Kuno Becker’s Spanish-language credits are extensive.  In English he’s  made appearances on House, M.D. (in the episode Small Sacrifices) and two episodes of CSI: Miami (Look Who’s Taunting and Dead Ringer).

I don’t watch CSI: Miami except occasionally when in channel-surfing mode, but I do watch House and I seem to remember that Becker gave a good account of himself in that role.

I’m going to rewatch it and I’ll report back if there’s anything worth noting, but in the meantime here’s a clip to give you a taste of his performance.

Meanwhile, for those of you who speak Spanish, you can find reviews of the movie here and here.

And whether you understand Spanish of not, you should check out the film’s home page, here.

Still from La Última Muerte

Still from La Última Muerte

And before I go, let me just say that if you enjoy science fiction — whether or not you have a particular interest in seeing it from a Lainto point of view — and you aren’t following the SciFi Latino blog, dude, you have no one to blame but your own foolish self.

SciFi Latino header

SciFi Latino header

Now, on with the trailer!

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