The Blog is Dead… Long Live the Blog!

This post will officially wrap up Once and Future Mexico, but it’s not dying so much as it’s being reincarnated, so you’ll still be able to consume the same O+FM goodness at the new blog, SF Around the World.

Just over a year ago I shuffled my priorities, among other things becoming non-fiction editor at International Speculative Fiction, a free speculative fiction magazine published quarterly in PDF, ePUB, and Kindle formats.  ISF has some truly awesome authors in its pages, including winners of the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards.

Along with my other duties at ISF, I write a column called Around the World that collects news, gossip, videos, announcements, and other flotsam from world speculative fiction. Interested in catching up on science fiction, fantasy, or horror from China or Chile, from Iran or Israel?  Then ISF is for you, and so is Around the World.

ISF issues 4 and 5

ISF issues 4 and 5

Once I started the column, it quickly became obvious that there would be a lot of things I could do in an online format that can’t realistically be crammed into a downloadable ebook.

On top of that, some folks would happily surf over to a site, but wouldn’t get around to downloading the magazine.

Finally, a quarterly publication just isn’t timely enough for some news items.  But a monthly blog post–with the option of posting immediate bulletins when necessary–could handle the short fuse just as well as the slow burn.

Embedded videos

Two of the things the Around the World blog can do well that the ebook format can’t match: embedded videos (above) and embedded music files (below).

Embedded music

So Around the World now comes in two flavors–there’s the chocolate goodness of the magazine and the rich caramel of the blog (or whatever flavors you savor).  They have overlapping content, but each one is tailored to the strengths of its particular medium.

So I’ll still be posting about Mexican science fiction, it just won’t be at this particular url, and it’ll be blended with similar material from countries all over the world.  Come on by and see–I think you’ll like it.

In fact, the second column (September 2014) will include an item about the upcoming English translation of an awesome-looking Mexican graphic novel, Inés Estrada’s psychedelic science-fiction epic, Lapsos.  (Well, it’s sort of a graphic novel–three issues of the comic have been translated and are being bound together in hardcover.)

And just to underline the increasingly international nature of speculative fiction, the English edition of this Mexican comic is being published in Sweden!

And illustration from Inés Estrada’s Lapsos.

An illustration from Inés Estrada’s Lapsos.

Finally, if you’ve been here before and saw the old site, you may be wondering why I’ve updated the design of the blog just as I’m ending it.  The reason is that I’m standardizing the look of all my various blogs and pages.  This page won’t have any new posts, but it won’t disappear either, so I wanted it to fit seamlessly into that overall aesthetic.

Besides, being a contrarian, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend time refurbishing something immediately before closing it down.

So join me over at Around the World and be sure to download International Speculative Fiction for free.

Around the World

Click the banner to check it out.

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